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A Kingdom of Great Gifts and Goods

The British Emporium stocks an incredible selection of gifts and collectibles. You can be sure that we have something for every Anglophile! We carry hard-to-find decals, pins, banners, and flags of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales -- souvenirs and mementos which will please everyone.

uk-map.jpg Food lovers count on us to bring Britain and world cuisine alive in their kitchens through our fine selection of culinary items, cookbooks, groceries and accessories.

Our teapots range from the elegant to the practical, and you'll find tea towels, china, and glassware that you're not likely to find elsewhere this side of the pond.

And for those who can quote lines from every Monty Python skit, we have a great selection of British videos. Carry On, mate!

The tiny tots will be delighted at our selection of classic children's items including * Thomas the Tank Engine* and Beatrix Potter's creations.

For those who insist the products they grew up with are still the best - we have all the fabled nostrums and household sundries you fondly remember: Fairy Liquid, Pears Soap, Lemsip, Dettol, and more..